This year, QCell Ltd celebrates 10 years of successful operation from when it was launched on July 1st 2019. Originally the underdog, QCell rose through the years to become one of the largest telecommunications companies within The Gambia with a sister company in Sierra Leone.

QCell has constantly pushed the frontier in order to provide innovative products and services to our customers. Our values of passion, respect, innovation, discipline and efficiency (PRIDE) drive our goal to provide quality services & products, the best and most reliable network coverage on voice, SMS and data at the most affordable prices.

During the past ten years, QCell has experienced tremendous growth in data. It commenced with 3G internet which enabled users to experience fast browsing speeds on mobile phones and internet-capable devices. As one of the top ISP providers in the nation, QCell delivered Broadband Internet Services all over The Gambia through our WIMAX Fixed Wireless Solution. As technology developed over the years, we proudly became the first operator to launch 4G LTE data services and devices in the country, which is available in the Greater Banjul area.

We have pushed ourselves to aim higher, work harder and deliver the best results across the nation because we value those who have chosen us and given us their loyalty. From our cutting-edge technical teams that work on expanding our network coverage to our warm and friendly customer care teams that provide friendly and efficient answers for our customers, we promise to continue being the nation’s trusted telecommunication network.

QCell’s CEO, Muhammed Jah, remarks that,

“Communication is the fastest way to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich. We started this company because we saw the dire need for the latest technology in the country at the most affordable cost so that everyone, regardless of wealth can access a high level of technology within the nation. Although the first few years were tough and difficult, we have worked hard to become the telecom company with largest coverage. We believe in Gambians and such our dream is to replicate the Gambian model in other West African countries. Here in the Gambia, we have employed thousands (directly and indirectly) of youth and pride ourselves on being a gender-balanced institution.”

Our ten year anniversary is a milestone in our business. It is interesting to look back at the many great accomplishments we have achieved in the last ten years. We are grateful to all who have supported us and we can assure all that there is a bright and promising future ahead for QCell and The Gambia.