Frequently Asked Questions

SIM Registration

How much is a QCell card? QCell SIM Card is absolutely FREE of charge. Just visit a QCell Customer Care Centre with one of your national documents for SIM card registration.
Why do I have to register my QCell line? It is a mandate from the government of the Gambia to register all SIM cards for security reasons and to reduce phone related crime.
What documents do I need to register my QCell SIM card? You will need an International passport, National ID card, Drivers Licence or Voters card. Non Gambians can use their International passport or Aliens card.

Data Bundle

How do I know that my data bundle is about to expire? Dial *303# and reply with option number 5 which reads Check Balance. Similarly, you can dial *101# for information on your account balance.
What happens when my data bundle expires? The Sunu Bundle validity depends on the amount of bundle purchased. The minimum period a bundle is valid for is 30 Days from the date of purchase. When your bundle expires and you have credit in your main account, you can switch to the Pay As You Go to continue using the internet with your credit balance. Dial *303# and reply with option number 3.
Can I continue using the internet with my credit when I exhaust my data bundle? Yes, simply dial *303# and reply with the 3rd option (Pay As You Go).
I am subscribed to Sunu Bundle but my data charges are from the credit. What should I do? When you purchase data bundle whilst your internet is still on the Pay as You Go profile, restart the data connection to end the previous session and continue using the Sunu Bundle.


Am on roaming but not connected to a network. What should I do? Once you arrive at your destination, switch on your mobile phone and wait for the phone to search for a network or alternatively search for the recommended network manually.
How do I recharge whilst on roaming? As a prepaid subscriber, you can contact friends and family at home to top up your credit through electronic recharge.
Can a Postpaid subcriber activate roaming? Yes, as a Post-paid subscriber, you can visit any QCell Customer Care before embarking on your trip to activate roaming and provide the required security deposit. Please call 111 for more information.

Customer Care: 111 Check Credit: 101 E-Fankanta: *393# SMS+: *545*5# 4G Sales: 333 3144